Author Topic: Reiteration of clan rules  (Read 3298 times)

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Reiteration of clan rules
« on: September 11, 2015, 12:31:16 AM »
Hey guys, just wanted to go over a few things real quick:

Please respect ALL members of our community and the entire gaming community when wearing the [EMP] tags; while in our server or visiting elsewhere.
Please represent [EMP] by wearing our tags proudly whenever or wherever possible. This includes, but is not limited to, TeamSpeak, Steam, and In-Game.
Please offer good sportsmanship, and a friendly attitude to all [EMP] members and visitors of our servers. Please do not dictate gameplay or be demanding of other [EMP] members and our visitors.
All of these go hand in hand. If you're talking trash and/or not giving a positive name for EMP, then you are being counter productive to the clan. And like wise, if you are being a good person in general, wear the tags! Be proud of who you associate yourself with so that others will want to be apart of the same crowd.

We speak English only. Do not use excessive profanity in our forums, game servers, TeamSpeak, or other places.
C'mon guys, English only. Non of this French/German/Russian crap (e.g. Wing). You aren't an inviting person if you're cutting everyone else out of the conversation. It's like going to an party, and telling everyone else about your inside joke with your one friend. Of course no one is going to get it...
And on the subject of language; this is permissible to an extent. Just don't do it excessively.

And lastly:
12. Fair play and having fun go hand in hand. Please enjoy the company of our [EMP] clan members. Many wonderful friends can be made from getting to know your [EMP] comrades. Involve yourself in the forums as well as our game servers. You will be rewarded.

Our rules should be simple and effortless. If any rules are broken, your membership will be reviewed and more then you will likely be banned!
Hang out. Don't be a stranger. Most, if not all of us, are here to have a good time and make friends. If you're here to be in-charge or "want to be admin", then just leave right now. I can smell you from a mile away.

We've banned a few people in the past, as well as denied/removed membership because these people don't care about you or us. It's a toxic relationship that won't be tolerated for long.