Author Topic: War Thunder - Simulator Mode Training  (Read 4784 times)

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War Thunder - Simulator Mode Training
« on: April 07, 2015, 08:58:04 PM »

If possible, it'd be interesting to set up a private match this Saturday, which is the 11th, with the sole purpose of tutoring people. Of course, we will be practicing in Simulator mode. Teams would be split into whichever configuration, preferably those with higher tier craft on opposite teams. The rounds are composed of head-to-head duels, pitting players one on one. The goal is to get people comfortable in the cockpit and to overcome flat spins, or the dreaded Fw190 Death Spin. Additionally, as for the clan's main faction, it seems to have a been a slight split between the Luftwaffe and the RAF. Since these are opposite factions, Allies and Axis forces, I see no issue in focusing efforts between both these airforces when the opportunity arises.

Secondly, I'd like to also provide a basic guide as to peripherals available for purchase. Some have already invested in joysticks and other equipment. Given the nature of the Simulator Mode, a joystick is without a doubt the control platform most preferable. Although, the mouse and keyboard is still viable. For those looking to get a Joystick, there are several to choose from, ranging from inexpensive to full metal replicas of actually aircraft. For low tier, investigate the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas. For mid tier sticks, put your sights on the Saitek X52(pro) and slightly newer and more expensive Saitek X55. If you want to sink a lot of cash on your stick, direct yourself towards the Thrustmaster Warthog Full Metal Hotas replica. It is very unlikely anyone will want to get seperate rudder pedals, though if so, explore the CH Pro Pedals, or the more expensive Saitek Pro Combat Pedals. Lastly, being able to look around ingame is an impassible advantage. There are homemade head-tracking solutions available, such as using homemade Tri-LED setups along with a FreeTrack hook into TrackIR software. These solutions are all dependent of the camera's resolution, IR filter and frames-per-second. If you wish to get the all in on package, the TrackIR 5 is the official supported device. It is compatible with almost any game you'd expect, such as Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen, unlike the FreeTrack solution which requires to fool the game into thinking it is TrackIR.

If you'd like to add something, simply post it into the thread as to possibly help any future readers.   
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Re: War Thunder - Simulator Mode Training
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2015, 09:01:11 PM »
TrackIR Model
   TrackIR 4                                           TrackIR 5 MSRP
    $ 99.95                                                  $ 149.95

Head Position Tracked

     6 Axes (6 DOF)                                 6 Axes (6 DOF)

Horizontal Field of View

    46°                                                           51.7°
Sample Rate (FPS)

    120                                                           120

Raw Sensor Resolution

   355 x 288 *                                         640 x 480

Sub-pixel Resolution

      1/20th pixel                                  1/150th pixel

Reporting Resolution

      7,100 x 5,760                             96,000 x 72,000

Resolution/Horizontal Field of View Degree

     154 subpixels/degree               1850 subpixels/degree

All of these states are taken from their web-site
The price looks good for the IR4, but the IR5 sounds a lot better.